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Female anabolic stack


JVICE VP pharmaceutical grade supplements brings you  a  quad stack specifically engineered for women. Its a potent cocktail of LAXOGENIN, EPIANDROSTERONE, FENUGREEK and ANDROSTERONE, these are steroid hormones with weak androgenic activity which means you will get the results of pro hormone steroids without liver toxicity and other side effects, such as deepening of the voice, thicker hair growth or skipped periods.

LAXOGENIN-is plant steroid that stimulates the results of pro hormones without the downside of using anabolic steroids. Laxo is similar to anavar it yields impressive size and strength gains without interfering with your bodies endocrine system. Laxo inhibits cortisol while directly increasing protein synthesis while decreasing protein breakdown.
ANDROSTERONE- is a legal endogenous steroid hormone with weak androgenic activity that does not convert into estrogen keeping muscle gains solid and hard with immediate effects of strength and energy gains.
EPIANDROSTERONE-is a legal cutting steroid that is non methylated, which means it won’t put any stress on your liver, and is 5x more potent than testosterone in strength gains, without causing male traits and side effects, users will experience lean muscle gains and fat loss.
FENUGREEK-is a female mood enhancer that boost self confidence and that increases women’s natural sexual desire to promote a healthy sex drive.


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